Smell Training INTERMEDIATE Kit

Smell Training INTERMEDIATE Kit

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Expand your smell training by adding more scents to your routine!!!

Studies show that adding scents to your smell training routine further support the sense of smell.

Whether you've lost your smell completely (anosmia), have reduced (hyposmia) or have distorted (phantosmia) smell, our smell training kits are designed to support daily stimulation of your sense of smell.

Our INTERMEDIATE KIT is the NEXT kit to add to your routine and this will add extra support in your smell training journey.

The smell training theory refers to the four primary odor categories as the “odor prism.”

⭐️ JASMINE Essential Oil

⭐️ PEPPERMINT Essential Oil

⭐️ GRAPEFRUIT Essential Oil

⭐️ GINGER Essential Oil

These specific essential oils classify the four main odor categories that may help in recovering quickly from smell dysfunction by stimulating your sense of smell.


• 4 x 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil personal inhalers

• And a smell training guide

Smell training works by the repeated exposure to various known smells in an effort to help improve patients ability to detect scents. Good thing, smell training is so affordable and it can be done at the convenience of your home without any professional supervision.

Smell training entails sniffing carefully selected classes of pungent aromas twice daily over a period of months.

Smell training requires time and effort for maximum results. It is not an immediate fix and may require long term use – sometimes for several months – before the olfactory system is fully restored. But you can begin to see some improvement even in the first week of diligent exposure.

Give your sense of smell a training boost now!

In case you haven't started in smell training, we suggest to start using our ESSENTIALS KIT first.