Room & Linen Spray

Room & Linen Spray

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Evergreen Essentials Room and Linen Spray is made free from Phthalates and Formaldehydes and other harsh ingredients.

Made with Essential and Fragrance Oils.

It helps absorb odors with the help of all natural antibacterial and germicidal essential oils. It can be sprayed directly on your linens or clothes or you can use it to freshen up your cars and as a surface cleaner too! Its an All In One Product!

Available Scents:

1. Calm and Relax - made with lavender scent that is known for soothing tired minds and body.
2. Citrus Fresh - made with blend of citruses scents that is known to boost energy and alertness.
3. Invigorating - made with green tea and lavender scents that is refreshing and revitalising.
4. Bouquet - made with the classic blend of different floral notes
5. Sakura - beautifully blended smooth fragrance of cherry blossoms that is calming and soothing, plus a hint of sweet note.
6. Fresh Bamboo - all time favourite scent, made with sweet, refreshing and well balanced fragrance notes.
7. Refreshing - a nice pick me up fragrance with clean and fresh scents of cucumber and melon

Comes in 200ml Trigger Spray Bottle.