Essential Inhaler Kit
Essential Inhaler Kit
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Essential Inhaler Kit

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- 5 essential oil w/ himalayan pink salt inhaler blends of your choice
- comes with an easy to carry tin case packaging.

We guarantee you that our blends are only made with 100% Pure and Premium Grade Essential Oils from PT, YL and DT.

Handmade, Cruelty Free, Mindfully and Expertly Formulated.

Handy and perfect for traveling.

Choice of Blends are:
1. FIVE GUARDS - a powerful protective blend, anti-microbial (Thieves Dupe)
2. LIQUID SLEEP - a best selling sleep blend. Soothing, calming and relaxing
3. HEADACHE - relieves headache brought by tension and stress
4. IMMUNITY - helps build a strong immune system
5. CLEAR AIR - decongestant, gives relief from blocked airways
6. ENERGIZE - refreshing, uplifting and awakening
7. MENTAL FOCUS - helps support focus and concentration
8. ANXIETY - calms anxiousness and panic attacks
9. TUMMY ACHE - best for tummy issues, nausea and travel sickies
10. STRESS RELIEF - mind clearing, soothes away emotions.

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:
✔︎ Contains 80+ mineral and elements
✔︎ Immune support
✔︎ Cleansing and detoxifying
✔︎ Supports healthy respiratory function
✔︎ Promotes healthy sleep patterns
✔︎ Decreases inflammation
✔︎ Boosts brain health
✔︎ Aids metabolism
✔︎ Boosts energy
✔︎ Boosts circulation

How to Order:
1. Add to Cart
2. Leave the blend name on the message section, prior check out.

1. Inhalers are NOT recommended for children.
2. Some blends are NOT suitable for Pregnant and Lactating moms.
3. Be sure you have checked the safety information for each essential oil used in the blends to ensure that it is appropriate for your personal use.
4. These blends are offered as possible suggestions for use by adults who are healthy and have no serious medical issues.

*Yes you can get the same blends. (Example: 2 Liquid Sleep, 2 Headache, 1 Immunity or 5pcs of Liquid Sleep etc.)

*Default blends are Liquid Sleep, Immunity, Five Guards, Clear Air, and Mental Focus (We will ship these blends in case you won't leave any messages regarding the blends you prefer to get.)